January 5, 2017 danromer

New Years Resolutions for 2017

As 2017 is now here, what’s next? Making a resolution before God can be exciting, but also a little nerve racking. Sometimes my New Year resolutions can be unrealistic and emotional. Sometimes by the end of January, my nerves have come under self inflicted condemnation. Why did I make promises to do the impossible? I have now learned to receive from the promises of God and confess my resolutions to agree with Gods Word from the Bible. Jesus promises to never leave me or turn away from me, so as I make new plans to travel, work, or play….Jesus is with me! My resolution is to remember Him wherever I go. Jesus tells me to lean on Him and not my own understanding (Prov.3:5), and He promises to guard my heart and my mind (Phil.4:7). So my next resolution is to pray regularly, and read about Him in stories in the Bible. So every new year I begin doing these things little by little.

I usually put a Christian book in my handbag so as I wait for dental or hair appointments, I can lean on Him by filling my mind with godly things and not gossip things! I used to make big wild resolutions but I have realised that Jesus loves small beginnings. He loves the heart to heart talks, and He loves it when I tell Him that I can’t do anything without Him. So why do I still try to do things without Him from time to time? It’s true, Jesus in me in 2017, is the best New Years resolution!

Yvonne Grace

Yvonne enjoys worship and plays the guitar. She is a graduate of Embassy Bible College. She has led women’s bible studies and home groups for over 20 years. Yvonne was born in New York, into a life of great excess. Her powerful testimony shows God’s mercy and grace, as He turned her life into a beautiful story about Him! She loves to encourage women to move in their gifts.