Gospel Message

The gospel is the message of how all things are made new through Jesus. To herald the news that men & women are reconciled to God through Jesus, deserves every passionate endeavour and the uttermost dedicated training for the people of God.

Gospel Mission

The mission of God is beautifully displayed in the sending of the Son of God into the world to passionately pursue an undeserving people for the radical display of God’s gracious love in redeeming them for Himself. Because we know who Jesus is and what he has done, we now know who we are and what we are to do. Therefore we are moved to embark on this discipleship mission with God and unwaveringly dedicated to strategic church planting.

Gospel Community

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the original family who work together for the redemption of mankind. We, then, are shaped by the gospel, into gospel communities. We are family, with spiritual mothers and fathers, raising spiritual sons and daughters to be mature. We share life with one another, we are on mission together, and enjoy life together for God’s glory.